"I gladly chose to use my name as my brand."

Fabrizio Lesignoli

My name is Fabrizio Lesignoli and I was born in Parma, Italy in 1960.

I have been working passionately in the field of leather craftsmanship since 1976. I was lucky enough to start my career in a historic factory in Parma, which at the time manufactured products both with its own brand and for a number of worldwide famous international brands.

From the very first steps, I learnt all kinds of leather craftsmanship with determination, dedication and passion. As a result of new job opportunities, such as cutting skin in shoe factories and other leather goods, over the years, my experience was gradually enriched, until I was assigned as the product creative director for a Parma trademark holder, a great brand known internationally to this date.
I got the chance to meet the great entrepreneur behind this large company in person in 1987. Having to manage both Men and Women’s run way line and also the second line of products, I got the opportunity to experience various processes.
Thanks to this great entrepreneur, who meanwhile took charge as the artistic director of one of the biggest brands in the fashion world, later I got the opportunity to participate in the team that created the most iconic bag charm of all times as well as to create special products tailored for celebrities.

In 1998, I decided to take over a small leather workshop to handle the various projects I was asked to do.
My rich experience in this field continued with many more particularly interesting projects. Until, in 1998, I decided to take over a small workshop called Airedale, which I was already managing myself, to deal with the various projects that were presented to me.
This was the point where I thought of putting all the lessons that I had learned in this field throughout years of hard work and sacrifices into practice. 
As I was personally responsible for the execution of the projects for a brand, which was so famous by then, I got significantly more engaged with the job.
Since the beginning of 2000 with the handcraft business Airedale we started manufacturing men’s belts for a number of internationally well-known high-level brands.
With this wealth of experience, in 2012 I decided to offer my expertise to the market by presenting the collection of my handcrafted products such as belts, small leather goods and bags, all Made ​​in Italy.
Wonderful recognition of my products for many years at Pitti Uomo in Florence encouraged me to open the brand Fabrizio Lesi. This high quality leather goods brand, which characterizes my true identity, is a real representative of Italian products on the international market.
Fabrizio Lesi offers handcrafted accessories customized to the needs of companies, ensuring the quality of Made in Italy.