"I personally guarantee the quality of my products, this is leather made ​​for good"

Fabrizio Lesignoli

Fabrizio Lesi offers authentic products with premium quality, while does not sacrifice modernity.

As a result of our state of the art equipment, our products are reliable and more importantly come on the market at a fair price. The characteristics of our leather and hide crafts not only exemplify the traditional techniques, but also represent experimental innovations.

My leather crafts fulfill my lust for creating novel and innovative things with a clear objective: to create beautiful products that stimulate multi-sensory experiences made ​​by aromas and authenticity.

It is as a result of this spirit that my colleagues and I are constantly experiencing new processes of working with leather such as solid leather buckles, pyrography, new twists of leather and fringe.

Since the finished product is entirely made in-house and follows all the processing stages with great care, Fabrizio Lesi products are fully customizable. They have timeless designs and wonderful nostalgic aroma of leather with all the privileges of being Made ​​in Italy.
Customized orders are possible by sending your desired products’ sketches or features and description.
It can include the clients’ preference of the buckles, which will be supplied by a company in Florence.

Fabrizio Lesi also offers handmade products for a cheaper price if the order quantity is
large enough to speed up the process.